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Snore Guard / Sleep Apnea Appliances

Are you suffering from any of the following Issues?

1. Do you snore?

Obstructed sleeping can cause not only snoring but Hypoxia (lack of oxygen) or apnea (stopped breathing) or hypoxia (shallow breathing) Over time the vibrations from habitual snoring may caus the soft palate lengthen.

2. Do you have high blood pressure?

47% of patients with high blood pressure have sleep apnea. 84% of drug resistant hypertension patients have sleep apnea. During sleep your body is resting which should keep your heart rate and blood pressure at it’s natural rate, however sleep apnea patients many times do not have that.

3. Have you gained weight and found it difficult to lose?

By not getting restful sleep many sleep apnea patients are not able to get the exercise their bodies need. 55% of the world’s adult population is overweight.

4. Do you have unexplained awakenings from sleep?

Sudden Awakening is a syndrom that is often referre to as “night terror” because sufferers often wake up suddenly during sleep. Sometimes this sudden awakening can be accompanied by the feeling of terror and gasping.

5. Do you awaken from sleep gasping for air or choking?

When breathing is interrupted by an obstruction int he airway the body reacts by waking enough to start breathing again. This can lead to sudden awakening and give the feeling of never getting “a good night’s sleep”.

6. Do you notice frequent twitching or jerking of your legs while asleep?

People with Restless Leg feel uncomfortable sensations in their legs, especially when sitting or lying down. This can exhasterbate sleeping and cause more apnea sleeping.

7. Do you feel your sleep in not refreshing or restful?

Once a patient takes steps to get their apnea under control they are able to get their sleep wake physiology to return to normal.

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