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Teeth Whitening

Orange County Cosmetic Dentistry

Given the years of use and abuse that our teeth undergo, it is no wonder that their appearance and color can wear down over time. Even perfectly structured, healthy teeth can become discolored simply from the natural aging process. When this does happen, teeth whitening may be a beneficial option for you to revive the appearance of your teeth and regain your confidence.

Why do teeth become discolored?

  • Aging over time
  • Use of tobacco
  • Coffee, tea, soda, and red wine
  • Plaque build up
  • Trauma

Teeth Whitening from Dentistry Blossom for a Whiter, Brighter Smile

At our Orange County cosmetic dentistry office, we offer a number of treatment options for when you need to whiten your teeth. Choose from in-house treatment or at-home care and experience the difference that whiter teeth can make on your overall appearance.

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